Raving Fans

Raving Fans


Deb Zimmer here’s a hug. Blogging into the leading business magazines has got Inc. Magazine dropping into my facebook page to make comments on my comments. That was the best social networking marketing idea anyone has given me to fast track influence. In fact … that might be a good title for a preview call … Fast Tracking Influence When Launching Your Consulting Business. Seriously. XOXOXOX

– Dianne Crampton, Founder & CEO, CoreValues.com

If you’re looking for someone who can get your business in gear, identify your target market, get your web strategy launched and do it well – as well as fast – talk to Deb! She’s creative, resourceful and knows her way around the internet.

— Jennifer Long, Management Possible

The Expert Marketing course and worksheets have been amazing! I now have a laser sharp focus on exactly who my customer is. I am now able to reach them faster and more efficiently than ever before. Wow! Thanks Deb!

— Mike Sherry, Colorado Laser Engraving

I was so impressed with Deb’s ability to challenge my thinking! Her ability to make me dissect my ideal customer, and really make me focus in on my services and products to help me think of my customer base in a new way, and truly create a marketing plan that draws customers to me, and it took such a short time! I appreciate the detail in a short span!

Opening my eyes to a new way of thinking is just what I needed! Thanks Deb!!

— Nicole Kazenske, Bloom! Getting Organized

Deb has the unique ability to access new technology and apply it to streamline marketing processes. I see so many people spending thousands of dollars on solutions, and Deb is cutting through the complexity and creating low cost solutions for her clients. She is really helping people move forward faster!

– Janine Underhill, Idea-360

First off, I would to just like to say how EXCELLENT I thought your program was. I derived so much information from it and see the many interrelationships and applications that can be applied to my own objectives. I especially like what you said about networking, integration (everything truly IS interrelated and doing what you can to obtain multiple sources of income is a key factor to success!), and tools. I was truly inspired by the story…

— Shaun Barry

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