The Expert Marketing Coach is powered predominately through interns. As a world-class training organization, we are committed to helping aspiring marketers to learn the ropes. See the job descriptions below.

Social Media Interns

The Social Media Marketing Intern will manage the social media marketing efforts of our company and of our partner companies. You will be responsible for growing our “likes” on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn and increasing engagement and conversions. You will manage the conversations, identify and nurture key influencers, provide input on and manage campaigns and maintain daily activities.

You will learn to use our proprietary 5-Step System that has been proven to deliver a 27% increase in likelihood to buy. This involved the following:

  • Brand: learn about our brand and our key messages and conversations
  • Befriend: Identify key influencers and learn friend building strategies
  • Broadcast: Create a content calendar.
  • Buzz: Learn how to engage clients
  • Buy: Learn about our conversion strategies.
  • Learn how to do daily tasks, weekly, monthly tasks (see task list)
  • Learn to use tools

This internship may include: helping to create content, grow the fan base and drive engagement. Responsibilities include writing posts, sorting through appropriate news alerts and scheduling posts to social media accounts. Perform daily maintenance tasks such as accepting friend requests, sending personalized messages, strategically growing friends & followers. Assist with content strategy and planning.

Human Resources Recruiter Intern

The Human Resources Recruiter Intern will manage the process of lining up interns.  This internship will include:  write and post internship descriptions; screen resumes; schedule interviews; schedule weekly meetings; internal communication; get their internship processes and paperwork up to snuff and down to a science.

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