Chief Marketing Officer Package

Chief Marketing Officer Package

This is ideal for the established business owner/executive who has plateaued in their business. You are burning out and you have maxed out what you are capable of earning unless you do something different. But, what?

You will benefit most from this service if you currently have limited or no marketing support in your business. You can’t justify a full-time employee, at least not a major strategic thinker. You need someone who can help you become the CEO you need to be to take your business to new levels of success.

This is the plan for you if you are already spread too thin, but want to learn new ways to grow your business from the best of the best. It’s more than coaching. It includes a seasoned executive who’s been in the trenches and will pull up their sleeves and get their hands dirty while you learn from them and tend to other areas of the business.

If you are looking to prepare your business for sale, this can be a terrific option for you. You will end up with a more marketable company, with a clear roadmap for the new owner to walk right into and take over. You will be handing them a blueprint to continued success.

You need someone who can work with you to devise a plan for your life, your business and then each product or service you offer and then take the ball and run with it. You want someone who can put the strategies in place to achieve your vision. You need someone who can hire the virtual (or Full Time Employee) support team to carry the ball long term.

This is the right plan for you if you don’t need a full-time executive but could benefit from a short intensive sprint to get strategies, systems and support in place. A lower cost Chief Adviser Package would be a likely progression path to maintain the strategic executive and marketing guidance at a reduced involvement level and lower cost structure.

As your interim Chief Marketing Officer I help you evaluate the current business situation and devise a multi-tiered plan to help you achieve both business and life goals. I will work with you to devise a strategic plan and marketing plan for the business, build your brand and get identify systems, websites, blogs and lead capture systems in place. We’ll look at pricing and distribution. We’ll evaluate current and future product and service offerings. We’ll map out a promotion and lead generation plan including sponsorships, paid advertising, social media and offline tactics.

We’ll look at strategic partnerships, affiliates, and power partners.

We’ll prioritize activities, create a marketing calendar and identify resources required to implement the plan. I’ll provide input and guidance on job descriptions and recommend vendors when appropriate.

We’ll create milestones and define deliverables and put measures in place for ongoing analysis.

Six Month Chief Marketing Officer Package ($39,600 Value)

6 month retainer of $6600 per month

Paid-in-full discount $29,700 (save $25%)

  • Twelve 3-hour half-day private strategy sessions, 2 per month (Held virtually or add travel time and expenses for in-person unless location is within 30 minutes of downtown Denver) (value $14,400)
  • Session summary with documented strategies and plans ($7200)
  • Twelve 60-min marketing team calls per month (in weeks where there are no 3-hour calls) to set bi-weekly objectives, deliverables and facilitate collaboration. ($3600)
  • As needed ad-hoc calls with vendors and support team as needed during business hours (9am-3pm MST) ($7200)
  • Unlimited email support to follow up, troubleshoot and move projects forward. ($7200 value)
  • Direct access to my personal cell phone (Priceless!)
  • 6 month commitment during which time we will focus on defining your strategies, setting up your systems, and putting support in place so you can transition ongoing marketing to a lower cost supplier.

The average salary of a Chief Marketing Officer is approximately $260,000. Overhead associated with that position would run you 25% more. The average cost to a company to hire a full-time Chief Marketing Officer is about $325,000 per year.

A part-time outsourced short-term CMO which costs less than $40K is an affordable alternative for a small business that seeks a competitive advantage and fast growth. The experienced marketing executive can put the strategy and systems in place and then hire a lower priced support staff to maintain it. You benefit from the speed at which I work and the depth and breadth of my expertise.

What would it cost you NOT to hire someone to walk with you down the path to build your marketing and scale your business?

What else will you do to make the next leap?

This isn’t for everyone. It has to make business sense. You have to have the cash flow to support the effort and it needs to be feasible for you to double your investment in 18-24 months for this to be worthwhile at this time. I will NOT drain your life savings. If that’s part of the equation, the answer is NO for this program.

In order for me to provide the most impact for my clients, I limit my CMO Package clients to only 2 at one time.

I understand I am responsible for my own travel arrangements and accommodations and my fee solely covers Debra’s time. I also understand I am responsible for bringing my own agenda to our work together.

Chief Marketing Officer Package

Yes Private Marketing CoachingYES, I desire to reserve the Chief Marketing Adviser Package with Debra Zimmer, so I can receive her personal, one-on-one mentoring, guidance, expertise, and advice regarding using her proprietary marketing systems and executive coaching to elevate myself to CEO, build my brand and position my company for explosive growth.

I understand my Chief Marketing Officer Package with Debra requires an upfront investment and that a payment plan is available.

Yes! I’d like to apply!

private marketing coaching

Once I click on Register now, fill out the application form and submit it, I will receive a confirmation email with a questionnaire attached. I have 72 hours to complete the questionnaire portion of my application. Once that is received, Debra will personally review it, and will contact me within 3 days to discuss my application.

Upon approval, my credit card will be charged as per the terms discussed during our call

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