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Are you a CEO or Executive looking to increase your corporate value?

Are you ready to engage your constituents with transparent and accessiblecommunication?

Research shows that higher performing organizations have done just that by embracing social media at the C-Level and throughout the organization.

Are you ready to join the Highest Performers?

CEO + SM = $.

Research (from IBM, Gartner Group, + others) presented in Debra’s book chapter The Business Case for Social Media: 3 Ways to Engage Your Team and Grow Your Brand! substantiates the following:

  • Having a CEO active on social media increases trust, which is directly measurable to an increase in likelihood to purchase.
  • People prefer to work for an organization whose leadership is active on social media, which leads to an increase in retention and recruitment.
  • Employees are more engaged and empowered when they receive regular and candid communication from and have access to management through social media channels.
  • Outperforming organizations have transparency, integrity, collaboration and consistent communication with employees, customers and partners about organization vision, mission, and values through social media channels.

 How do you translate these findings into an effective social media implementation for your organization?

There are 4 steps:

  1. First is establishing a social media policy that is
  2. aligned with your mission and values and embodied throughout the organization.
  3. Next you need social media plan for
    1. The organization
    2. Your Executives and official spokespeople
    3. Your employees
  4. Finally, you need Social Media Training for employees, executives and their staff.

The Expert Marketing Coach delivers for you on these 4 steps.

Call us at 720-878-6606, to discuss your initiatives and how we may be of service to you.

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