Social Media Research Report


Would you like to  increase one’s likelihood to buy from you by 18%?

And, increase one’s likelihood to recommend you by 27%?

This research shows how…

The 5 B’s of Social Media Success:

How to Grow Your Business, Your Influence and Your Prestige!

The 5B's of social media

Social media research studies have shown that a business owner or C-level executive who is engages in social media could increase the likelihood that someone would recommend or buy their organization’s products or services. But none quantify the effort or tactics required to achieve such an increase. As such, usage among CEO’s, Presidents and Founders remains low.

The Expert Marketing Coach set out to devise a simple 5-step system, The 5 B’s of Social Media Success™, that business owners, CEO’s and their marketing teams could use to achieve repeatable and measurable results. Then we decided to quantify its effectiveness.

What this study shows is that an executive/business who follows The 5 B’s of Social Media Success™ can achieve a significant boost in ROI in the order of 27% more likely to recommend and 18% more likely to buy their products/services than someone not following the model.

In addition, we were also able to measure a significant impact, up to a 27% increase, in one’s perceived attainment of the traits found in leaders of highly performing organizations. Download the report to learn more.


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